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Shirley Walker, Kristopher Carter, Harvey R. Cohen, Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis - Superman: The Animated Series (Original Television Soundtrack)
Shirley Walker

Superman: The Animated Series (Original Television Soundtrack)

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Label: La-La Land Records ‎– LLLCD 1276
Type: CD, x4
Country: US
Date of released: 28 Jan 2014
Category: Stage & Screen
Style: Score, Soundtrack
4.7 / 5


Disc 1
1 Main Title
2 Krypton Opening/Monster Attack
3 Family Theme
4 Earthquake/Jor-El Appeals
5 Brainiac Confrontation
6 Jor-El Escapes Arrest/Jor-El Outside
7 Decision To Send Kal-El
8 Brainiac Leaves Krypton*/Kal-El Leaves Krypton
9 Recap (The Last Son Of Krypton, Part Ii)
10 Kal-El Lands On Earth/Couple Find Kal-El
11 Clark's Abilities/Clark Meets His Parents
12 Clark's First Flight
13 News Program Source
14 Industrial Film Source
15 Superman Rescues Lois*/Missile Hits Airliner
16 Recap (The Last Son Of Krypton, Part Iii)
17 Superman Saves Airliner
18 Clark's Identity Crisis
19 Lois Abducts Bibbo/Lois Meets John
20 Clark Recognizes Ship/Orders to Kill Lois
21 Robot Loose In City
22 Lois Gets Story
23 Family Pet
24 Titano Lost And Found
25 Monkey Business/Babysitting With Fleas/Bacteria Attack
26 Jimmy Runs Away
27 Monkeys On The Loose*/Superman Cages Lions
28 Titano At The Dock
29 Titano/Amusement Park
30 Superman vs. Titano
31 Pop Goes The Weasel (Traditional, Arr. L. Ritmanis)
32 Titano Relocated
33 Tank Attack
34 Meet Kanto/Mannheim Gets Gloves
35 Train Wreck/Train Robbery
36 To The Rescue
37 Turpin Resigns
38 Prisoner Turpin/Superman Finds Turpin/Turpin Saves Superman
39 Superman Thanks Turpin/ Planet Apokolips
40 Train Wreck/Train Robbery (Alternate)
41 Video End Credits
42 Superman Destroys Robot/Superman Spurns Lex/Brainiac Returns
Disc 2
1 Main Title
2 Closing Time/Joke In The Box Source/ Batman Takes Evidence
3 Terrorists On Plane
4 Lois Talks To Superman/Lois Beats Herself Up
5 Joker Abducts Lex
6 Lex & Joker Make a Deal/Lois Meets Bruce
7 Joker Undoes Carlini
8 Waynelex T-7
9 First Dance
10 Batman Shows Up/Binko's Bad Night/Batman Bugs Superman
11 Recap (World's Finest, Part II)
12 Bruce And Lois Go Out/Joker Crashes Date/Joker's Plan
13 Batwing Takes Off/Superman Meets Joker
14 Batman Saves Superman
15 Batman Makes His Exit
16 Harley Cheers Up Joker/Lex Meets With Joker
17 Batman Pays Lex A Visit/Superman Flies By
18 Jet Pac Transportation/Joker Uses Robot
19 Recap (World's Finest, Part III)
20 Ship In Distress
21 Batman Drops In/ Batman Unmasked/ Superman Stops Robot
22 Batman Has To Leave/Lex Sets Up Joker
23 Arrival At Lab/Robots Battle Superman/Batman Gets To Lexwing
24 Lexwing Crashes
25 Bruce Returns To Gotham
26 Stopping Traffic/Reading The Comics/The Statue Moves
27 Chickens/Setting The Rules
28 A Close Shave/Proofreading/Apartment Source
29 Building Battle Suit
30 Clark's Calendar/Office Menagerie/Aerial Chase
31 Why Am I Eating This?
32 Scream Machine Lands/Superman vs. Machine
33 Desaad's Tricky Plan
34 Kalibak Comes To Earth/Kalibak Trashes Minerva
35 Kalibak Ambushes Superman
36 Superman vs. Kalibak/Fight On Train Track
37 Battle Continues/Power Struggle
38 Darkseid Beams Superman
39 Restaurant Source
40 End Credits
Disc 3
1 Twenty-Second Promo
2 Kyle Catches Thief
3 Abin Makes Ring Choose/Ring Chooses Kyle
4 Kyle Is Green Lantern
5 Superman Finds Abin/Sinestro Wants The Ring
6 Superman Meets Guardian
7 Kyle Saves Little Girl/Fight Continues
8 Superman Helps Council/Fight For Power/Kyle Wins Battle
9 Kyle's Their Man
10 Break-In At The Museum
11 Lex Sees Superman Weak*/Waiting For A Reaction
12 Lois Gets A Phone Call/Steal Treasury Plate/No Deal With Lex
13 Lois Visits S.T.A.R. Labs/Superman vs. Dinosaur/Superman Throws Rock
14 Wake-Up Source
15 Construction Crane/Prevents Crane Accident
16 Centennial Park Source
17 Leslie Becomes Livewire
18 Livewire Checks Out
19 Metamorphosis Complete
20 She Turns Off The Light/Tower Of Power Is Back
21 Superman Averts Planes
22 Livewire Gets Recharged/Caution Sign
23 Maggie Brings Cash
24 Hovercraft Steals Truck/Superman Fights Craft/Superman & Broken Glass
25 Darkseid Arrives
26 New Genesis & Apokolips
27 Air Base Battle/Orion Zaps Hovercraft/Orion Wins At Air Base
28 Mannheim At Power Plant
29 Orion Goes Back
30 Power Plant Explodes/Superman Sees Explosion
31 Recap (Apokolips... Now!, Part II)
32 Hamilton Has Bad News
33 Meet Steppenwolf
34 Steppenwolf Arrives/Missiles Bring Down Superman
35 Demons Take Over City/Attack Of The Demons
36 Superman Puts Out Fire
37 Darkseid Appears
38 Dan Fights Demons
39 Apokoliptic War Machine/Darkseid Takes Control
40 Orion To The Rescue/Dan's Funeral
41 Twenty-Second Promo
Disc 4
1 Ten-Second Promo
2 Journey Through Space
3 Superman Enters Chamber/Kala's Story/Superman Finds Kara
4 Kara Flies
5 Intergang Interest/Intergang Arrives
6 Gang Fights Superman
7 Granny Knows Best/Kara Joins Jimmy
8 Following Gang Into Building
9 Granny Takes Control
10 Recap (Little Girl Lost, Part II)
11 Surrounded
12 Superman Is Captured/Kara Leaves For Apokolips
13 Kara Arrives On Apokolips
14 Kara Escapes Parademons
15 Superman Kneels/Darkseid's Prediction/Get Back Home
16 Stop Comet/Superman Catches
17 Supergirl's OK
18 Toxic Waste
19 Rudy Becomes Toxic/Goo On Superman's Finger
20 Parasite Saps Police
21 Parasite Visits LeBeau/Parasite Saps Superman's Energy
22 Parasite Can't Rob Bank
23 Parasite Attacks Clark/His New Meal Plan
24 Jimmy Gets Idea
25 Superman Saves Jimmy/Saved By A Bu
26 Planet Attack
27 Leader Revealed
28 Kal-El's Dream
29 Brainwashed
30 Supergirl Chases Robot
31 Lex Knows
32 Ready For Battle
33 Kal-El Attacks Earth
34 Lex Kills Kal-El
35 Recap (Legacy, Part II)
36 Taken Prisoner
37 Superman Tries To Escape
38 Lois Springs Superman
39 Lois Springs Superman
40 Return To Apokolips
41 Superman vs. Furies
42 Superman vs. Darkseid
43 Darkseid Prevails
44 Lois And Superman
45 End Credits


4 CD Box set.

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  • Barcode: 826924127629
Shirley Walker, Kristopher Carter, Harvey R. Cohen, Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis - Superman: The Animated Series (Original Television Soundtrack)