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Muse - Discography Promo Box Set

Discography Promo Box Set

MP3 RAR album size:
1500 mb
FLAC RAR album size:
1324 mb
Label: Warner Bros. Records ‎– none
Type: 6 x CD, Album, Compilation, Promo 3 x DVD, PAL, Compilation, Promo Box Set, Limited Edition, Promo
Country: UK
Date of released: 2006
Category: Rock
3.5 / 5
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CD 1: Showbiz
CD 1-1 Sunburn
CD 1-2 Muscle Museum
CD 1-3 Fillip
CD 1-4 Falling Down
CD 1-5 Cave
CD 1-6 Showbiz
CD 1-7 Unintended
CD 1-8 Uno
CD 1-9 Sober
CD 1-10 Escape
CD 1-11 Overdue
CD 1-12 Hate This & I'll Love You
CD 2: Origin Of Symmetry
CD 2-1 New Born
CD 2-2 Bliss
CD 2-3 Space Dementia
CD 2-4 Hyper Music
CD 2-5 Plug In Baby
CD 2-6 Citizen Erased
CD 2-7 Micro Cuts
CD 2-8 Screenager
CD 2-9 Darkshines
CD 2-10 Feeling Good
CD 2-11 Megalomania
CD 3, 4: Hullabaloo Soundtrack
CD 3-1 Forced In
CD 3-2 Shrinking Universe
CD 3-3 Recess
CD 3-4 Yes Please
CD 3-5 Map Of Your Head
CD 3-6 Nature_1
CD 3-7 Shine Acoustic
CD 3-8 Ashamed
CD 3-9 The Gallery
CD 3-10 Hyper Chondriac Music
CD 4-1 Dead Star
CD 4-2 Micro Cuts
CD 4-3 Citizen Erased
CD 4-4 Showbiz
CD 4-5 Megalomania
CD 4-6 Dark Shines
CD 4-7 Screenager
CD 4-8 Space Dementia
CD 4-9 In Your World
CD 4-10 Muscle Museum
CD 4-11 Agitated
CD 5: Absolution
CD 5-1 Intro
CD 5-2 Apocalypse Please
CD 5-3 Time Is Running Out
CD 5-4 Sing For Absolution
CD 5-5 Stockholm Syndrome
CD 5-6 Falling Away With You
CD 5-7 Interlude
CD 5-8 Hysteria
CD 5-9 Blackout
CD 5-10 Butterflies & Hurricanes
CD 5-11 The Small Print
CD 5-12 Endlessly
CD 5-13 Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist
CD 5-14 Ruled By Secrecy
CD 6: Black Hole And Revelations (Empty Case)
DVD 1, 2: Hullabaloo - Live At Le Zenith, Paris
DVD 1-1 Introduction
DVD 1-2 Dead Star
DVD 1-3 Microcuts
DVD 1-4 Citizen Erased
DVD1-5 Sunburn
DVD 1-6 Showbiz
DVD 1-7 Megalomania
DVD 1-8 Uno
DVD 1-9 Screenager
DVD 1-10 Feeling Good
DVD 1-11 Space Dementia
DVD 1-12 In Your World
DVD 1-13 Muscle Museum
DVD 1-14 Cave
DVD 1-14 New Born
DVD 1-15 Hyper Music
DVD 1-16 Agitated
DVD 1-17 Unintended
DVD 1-18 Plug In Baby
DVD 1-19 Bliss
DVD 3: Absolution Tour
DVD 3-1 Hysteria
DVD 3-2 New Born
DVD 3-3 Sing For Absolution
DVD 3-4 Muscle Museum
DVD 3-5 Apocalypse Please
DVD 3-6 Ruled By Secrecy
DVD 3-7 Sunburn
DVD 3-8 Butterflies And Hurricanes
DVD 3-9 Bliss
DVD 3-10 Time Is Running Out
DVD 3-11 Plug In Baby
DVD 3-12 Blackout
DVD 3-13 Fury (Los Angeles)
DVD 3-14 The Small Print (Earls Court)
DVD 3-15 Stockholm Syndrome (Earls Court)
DVD 3-16 The Groove In The States (Cincinnati / San Diego)


Containing CD editions of Showbiz, Origin Of Symmetry, Hullabaloo Soundtrack and Absolution. Also contains the Hullabaloo DVD digipak and Absolution Tour DVD. An empty case for Black Holes and Revelations is included, with the text "from July 3rd please replace this with your copy of BLACK HOLES AND REVELATIONS" on the cover. Stickers and a promotional booklet is also included.

DVD 1 includes a 90 minute live-concert recorded on October 28/29 2001 at "Le Zenith" in Paris (see tracklisting)
DVD 2 includes a 40 minute film shot throughout 2001 featuring unseen off-stage footage from around the world including b-sides taken from the "Hullabaloo Soundtrack" album as well as a photo gallery and an interactive discography
Muse - Discography Promo Box Set